TextClue: A simple text analsis tool for user researchers

Recently I built a free text analysis tool to help with simple user research tasks. This tool initially started as a shared ipython notebook to count and sort words for a text input copied from a spreadsheet. Its one and the only user so far tested this out with a few real-life examples. It turned out to be useful and I decided to take the experiment to the next step by incorporating the user feedback and making it accessible to whoever needs it.

TextClue has the following major features:

  • Count words, and phrases of 2, 3, and 4 words.
  • Identify similar responses and group them.
  • Identify positive and negative sentiments.
  • Generate word clouds.
  • It is free, ad-free, and private.

and these additional features:

  • Filter input by length, and customizable stop words.
  • Highlight selected words or phrases in context.
  • Identify related words, and link them together in context.
  • It does not collect any information. None of the user inputs or interactions are sent to a website.

Analyzing free form user feedback is the main use case for TextClue. For example, you can copy a column of text responses from your user survey and analyze it with TextClue to find out interesting insights about your users.

You can try TextClue at textclue.com. I hope you will find TextClue useful for your user research projects, and share any feedback you have.

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