I am a software engineer for fun and profit. I had my first computer when I was eight years old and wrote my first BASIC program the same year. I was sent to an extracurricular course at school to learn how to use a computer, and by some stroke of luck, they tried to teach us programming. I enjoyed it, but the other kids probably didn’t. I’ve been writing software ever since.

I enjoy developing in Python, JavaScript, C and Go, and occasionally dabbling in Java. You can find some of my recent work on my projects page. I have been working on distributed data processing and open source in the past 10 years. Before that, I worked in mobile and embedded systems; and created apps for Android, Bada, Brew, Blackberry, iOS, J2ME, Nook, Symbian, Windows Mobile, and more.

I am also an aspiring entrepreneur. I’ve been selling things since middle school, starting with trading MTG cards for a 10x profit. I used to discuss business ideas a lot with an old friend of mine, but he turned out to be more of a doer than I am, and ended up selling a lot more than I did. While I’ve entered a few contests and built a few things, I’ve never actually started a company. I am hopeful that I will change that one day.

Furthermore, I am an aspiring writer. I’ve been writing a personal blog since 20041. I used to write before then. I was good at writing essays back in school. I used to write different things, some people loved it some hate. I wanted to write a book for a long a while but never actually started. I was writing Haikus and published a collection at some point.

But I am much more than just my professional and creative pursuits. I am the son of a loving family, the brother of an awesome sister, the husband of a loving wife, the father of a little one, and the friend of many amazing people.

Disclaimer: I work at Google, but the opinions stated here are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of my employer.


A running list of my favorite people, places, products, phenomena…

  • Libby is a user-friendly and free reading app that allows you to borrow books from local libraries. It’s compatible with various platforms and ebook readers, making it an excellent option. I read most of my books on Libby, and I highly recommend it to fellow book lovers.


I enjoy reading books, and keep a list of the books I read. Last few books I read:

  1. You can find links to my earlier writing and digital history since 1997 in this post. You can also read my old (2005-2013) old Turkish blog. ↩︎

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