I am a software engineer for fun and profit. I like developing in C, JavaScript, and Python. A little bit of Java every once in a while. I am in the process of learning C#, we will see how that goes. I had my first computer when I was eight and wrote my first BASIC program the same year. I was sent to an extracurricular course at school to learn how to use a computer. Something crazy happened and they tried to teach us programming. I enjoyed it but probably other kids didn’t. I am writing software since then. I work on amazing things at work, which I cannot talk about. Outside of work I mostly develop mobile apps. I have written apps for Android, Bada, Brew, Blackberry, iOS, J2ME, Nook, Symbian, Windows Mobile and more.

I am an aspiring entrepreneur. I am selling stuff since middle schools. I used to trade MTG cards for 10x profits. We used to talk a lot about business ideas with an old friend of mine. He turned out to be more of a doer than I am. He did sell a lot more things. I get into a few contests here and there. Build a few things and even won small prizes but never get an actual company. I have an umbrella name for the stuff I sell (link on the left) and one day it will be bigger than that.

I am an aspiring writer. I am writing a personal blog since 2004. There is a link on the left, most of it is not in English. I used to write before then. I was good at writing essays back in school. I used to write different things, some people loved it some hate. I wanted to write a book for a long a while but never actually started. I was writing Haikus and published a collection recently.

I am much more than all of those. I am the son of a loving family, brother of an awesome sister, husband to loving wife, father of a little one, and friend of lots of amazing people.

Disclaimer: I work at Google. The opinions stated here are my own, not necessarily those of my company.

If you are curious to see my old Turkish blog.


I enjoy reading books, and keep a list of the books I read. Last few books I read: