A Day Trip to Smoke Filled Sacramento

We had a short day-trip to Sacramento for a brief chance to meet with a family member. It is about 2-hour drive from where we live. The timeline exactly coincided with the wildfires :(. The visibility was low and it was really hard to breathe outside without masks. We managed to get some brief relief by staying inside the car, a testament to the air filters of modern cars.

Sacramento does not have much to offer in general and the air quality made it much more difficult to do things especially outside. Still, we managed to do a few things that:

  • met with the family, it was the best part of the trip.
  • a visit to the capitol building and a picture with the picture of our past favorite governor. It is an interesting building and has a few small exhibits inside.
  • a short walk by the river
  • a visit to Sacramento old town for dinner.
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