Taking Small Risks

I recently watched Tina Seelig’s TED talk The little risks you can take to increase your luck and found it interesting.

The short summary is that it is possible to increase your “luck” by making a few changes in your life:

  1. Taking small risks whether it is emotional, physical, social, financial etc. (Try Identify areas of your life where you are risk averse and take on some little risks in those. You will get more comfortable over time.)
  2. Be grateful to others who help you on your journey. People take time out of their busy lives to engage with us; they deserve to be appreciated for their efforts. (Try say thank you more often to folks who take time out of their lives to be part of your adventure.)
  3. Look at ideas from the lens of possibilities. It is easy to dismiss ideas but each idea even if it sounds like a bad one could open the door to great new opportunities. (Try Before dismissing an idea challenge yourself to find ways to make it an amazing one.)

Hope you like this summary and if you have time watch the original talk.

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