Life is Short

Last week was a strong reminder of how short life is, and how life is just an illusion. First, I heard of the tragic news of the passing of an acquaintance. Young, very unexpected, about my age, living a happy life. There is no explanation of why that happened to that person now, and there is nothing to do about it either.

Second, I had a conversation with another acquaintance who is past retirement age and still working. They have this all-well-planned retirement plan and the great life of golden years following decades of hard work. And maybe equally tragically if not so sudden, they cannot follow their plan because of health reasons. They had the feeling of being trapped and not knowing what to do.

It is obvious that life is short, and it is worth living life to the fullest and not delaying it. It is hard to internalize that. It would be wise for all of us to think and act before inevitably we will be reminded again that life is short.

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