We married with Rose on the first day of the new year (2018). Instead of going to a traditional honeymoon we have decided to spread our vacation time over a year. One additional motivational factor for us was that we had an offer for Southwest’s Companion Pass. It is a travel benefit that allows us to travel anywhere with Southwest for the cost of a single ticket. We both think it is great, even though Rose does not share my enthusiasm about flying in general.

We started by agreeing on a budget of $10K for flights, lodging, and rental cars. Then we made a custom calendar in a shared spreadsheet. (Spreadsheets are one of my favorite tools and I like planning with those.) In our calendar, we marked out holidays and built a system for tracking individual trips, trip plans and costs in the same place. It certainly made planning easier, and it also served as a reminder of all the fun we already had and more the fun that we are going to have soon.

Finally, based on the budget, holidays and our vacation times, we divided trips into 3 categories: weekend trips, extended week trips, and week-long trips. Next step was opening up the map and trying to find interesting places that fit our requirements.

Here is our honey year destinations and some travel notes for the interested:

Thank you for reading and hope that you will find this information useful for your own travels!

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