Southwest A-List status match

Southwest now has offers an online registartion option for A-List status match. The new offer is much better than the previous one even though the process stays about the same.

In the new process, you can get your status match immediately after the verification and will gain A-List status for 90 days. If you complete 6 one-way flights within that period you will get to maintain your status for an additional 12 months. This is a great improvement. Previously the A-List status was only given after 6 one-way flights and it was valid only for 6 months.

If you are wondering, A-List status is definitely worth it if you are frequently traveling with Southwest. On most flights you will be in the group of first 10 people to board the plane and will have plenty of chances to pick a good seat including the exit rows. In addition that with A-List status it is possible to collect 25% bonus points on top of the usual reward points.

See Southwest’s new Status Match page for details.

(Note: This is not an advertisment, and I do not receive anything from it. I am a fan of the Southwest Airlines and generally excited about them.)

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