Cool Google Sheets Features You Didn't Know About

TIL - Two cool Google Sheets features, clicking on a cell in a pivot table to create a new table and using named functions.

I have been using Google Sheets for a long time now, and I recently learned two new features that I think are really cool.

1. Click on a cell in a pivot table to create a new table with all the data that is represented by that cell.

This is a great way to drill down into your data, and get more insights. For example, if you have a pivot table that shows sales by product category, you can click on a cell in the “Total Sales” column to see a new table that shows the sales for that product category by region.

2. Google Sheets supports named functions.

Named functions, like named variables, make it easy to build easy-to-read and understand spreadsheets. For example, you could create a named function called BMI that calculates the body mass index of a person. =BMI(weight, height) is much easier to understand and maintain compared to =703*A1/(A2*0.393701)^2. You could also use the BMI function in your other spreadsheets like any other function.

Not only TIL about this, but this is also a new Google Sheets feature. You can find more info in the docs for creating & using named functions.

Hope you will find these features useful as well! Feel free to reach out with your feedback.

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