A Poem I Intended to Write

A poem I intended to write after an inspiring moment, then it was finished by an AI tool.

Yesterday I woke up after a good night’s sleep, something that doesn’t happen often with a toddler at home. This inspired me to think about the beginnings of a poem. I made a mental note to write it down and polish it later. It was something as simple as:

I love waking up next to you
your smell is sweet like pancakes
on a gorgeous Sunday morning

I thought about passing that to an AI 1 and asked it to be rewritten. I got the following

In the morning light, you lay there sleeping
Your hair a golden halo on the pillow
I can smell the sweet aroma of pancakes
And I am filled with love and gratitude

As I watch you breathe, so softly
I am reminded of the beauty of this moment
And the joy that you bring to my life

I am grateful for the gift of you
And the comfort of waking up next to you
On this lovely Sunday morning

So let us rise, and face the day ahead
Together, as partners and as friends
With love and laughter in our hearts
And the sweet smell of pancakes in our noses.

I don’t feel like I can claim ownership of this poem. It is beautiful and expresses my feelings better than I could.

I wrote this blog post for two reasons. First, I found the experiment of using an AI to rewrite a poem interesting and wanted to share it. Second, I wanted to share this beautiful poem with you. I hope it brings some joy and inspiration to those who read it.

  1. For completeness, the following was the prompt I used. Also note that I had an unintentional extra “like” in the prompt.

    write this poem in the style of Robert Frost:

    I love waking up next to you your smell is like sweet like pancakes on a gorgeous Sunday morning ↩︎

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